Our focus is on long-term relationships,
not transactional business.

Thomas-Matthew Associates is a full-service technical staffing company with a decade of experience in the information technology space. Our client base consists of small to mid-size companies across industries throughout the Philadelphia tri-state region. We offer a full range of technical staffing solutions and continually adapt our services to meet your changing staffing needs.

We serve a diverse client base but there are several common themes among all of our clients. Each has a need for specialized technical talent. And each has a need to be heard and understood. By working with Thomas-Matthew Associates, our clients can count on these needs being met.

We’re a small firm, so we’re able to focus on service. We don’t operate a commodity business where we simply try to fill an open position with a likely candidate. We take the time to truly match resources to requirements. It is this attention to detail and service that has earned us a great reputation in the industry and many long-term, satisfied clients.

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